Todd Cavallo


Every so often Swingset likes to throw a party. On Nov 8th at Club Rehab we were lucky enough to feature a diverse array of sets from some of our favorite acts both old and new. Starting off the evening was the first ever set by Philadelphia’s Cold Cave, whose icy tones and anthemic minimalism translated just as well on stage as on their two recent recordings. Burning Star Core played an all solo set that ran the gamut from drone poems to violin and drum machine improv duets. Fans of Burning Star Core’s epic Challenger album were not disappointed. Finally, Dan Melchior graced the New York area with his presence once again to deliver some fiery rock and roll sermons, including tracks from his forthcoming double LP. Backed by Todd Cavallo and Chris Weingarten, Melchior showed us once again why he’s the best at what he does. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Swingset neighbor Nikki Sneakers who provided us with the following photographs thankfully preserving the images for us and to share with those of you who could only be there in spirit. Until the next party….enjoy.


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