Tashi Dorji

Tashi Dorji- S/T (Headway Recordings)

Hailing from Ashville NC, Bhutanese guitarist Tashi Dorji’s self-titled cassette arrives fully formed. With fluid coils of tense guitar improvisations and a chiming melodicism he runs through several experimental solo guitar modes. At times darkly terse, Dorji’s sense of control keeps the fractured rhythms and textures constantly changing. His aggressively abstract approach is tempered with serene melodic textures that continually engage the listener. His ever-evolving pieces expand and contract with an intuitive balance. Rarely do guitarists emerge with such unique personality inherent immediately, and Dorji strikes an instant impression with his dynamic playing. With a slew of self-released tapes under his belt what’s coming next is exciting. Here’s hoping for some vinyl in the near future.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 11/25/2013 in Reviews | Tags: , ,