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Glenn Jones- Barbeque Bob in Fishtown (Strange Attractors Audio House)

It would be an understatement to say that guitar soli has had an important resurgence in the last ten years or so. Maybe in the increasingly maddening digital era the voice of six (or twelve) acoustic strings rings with a naturalist sensibility, a voice of clarity amidst the chaos.  Thankfully Glenn Jones quietly gives us a traditional album of guitar soli that delivers in a way so few modern players can. Over the course of nine tracks Jones plays immaculately executed solo guitar, without forsaking composition or style. All the elements merge to create a dynamically steady album that transitions from Banjo to six and twelve string acoustic guitar seamlessly. What comes through most is the emotive aspects of his playing, such as on the meditative “Snowdrops (for Robert Walser)” with its gentle slides or the sheer romanticism of “For Wendy, In Her Girlish Days”, which stands as a gorgeous ballad, capable of instigating nostalgia by the first chorus. Technicality and record collecting can only take one so far. Glenn Jones has stepped beyond those limits and made the best guitar soli album this year by exhibiting a rewardingly self assured comfort. It seems natural, effortless but clearly the result of decades of craft. It may not be the flavor of the month but its rewards will surely endure when all today’s bluster has been forgotten.

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