Roland Young

Roland Young- Hearsay I-Land (Palto Flats)

Roland Young is a man of many talents. A jazz musician who came of age during the 1960s, Young was pioneering DJ on the west coast the following decade, experimenting with genre on San Francisco’s KSAN station. The 1980s found Young and his wife Risa in New York City where he embraced the cross pollination of music scenes. Taking influence from New Wave, Reggae and Jazz, Young recorded for the Flow Chart label. NYC man about town Jacob Gorchov has taken on the task of rescuing Young’s dynamic 80s work on a new release for his Palto Flats label, Hearsay I-Land. Young creates synthesized, drum machine accented minimal songs that sound fascinatingly inline with modern aesthetics.  “Ballo Balla” which features Rina on vocals is a fantastic deep-cut for any DJ looking for something new to spin alongside ESG. “Edge of Disaster” is a classic tale of hard living in the city over Mantronix –like beats. Young delivers strong saxophone lines over the top that perfectly accentuates the stark electronic drums. Young can play it smooth as well as evidenced on “So Very Easy” a cool, R&B electro ballad that has Young serenading his intended as well as any smooth-talker of the era. If you’re a DJ or lover of 80s obscurities Hearsay I-Land is a mandatory reissue, don’t sleep on it.

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