Raymond Pettibon

Mike Watt vs. Raymond Pettibon

Intro by Max Maslansky
originally published, issue #6, 2005

No Title ( I Was Just) 2004. Ink on paper 30'' x 22.25 ''

When swingset decided to approach Raymond Pettibon for an interview, it was agreed that it’s better to hear old friends yuk it up than two strangers grope in the dark for commonality. Enter Mike Watt. He’s known Pettibon since the early ‘80s, the salad days of L.A.’s punk scene. While Watt was spreading the overpowering gospel with the Minutemen, Pettibon was drawing cover art and posters for his brother Greg Ginn’s band, Black Flag. Watt and Pettibon have since gone on to new creative frontiers, but they still live where the scene started: the beach. The two got together for a conversation about art, politics, history, and everything under the California sun. Raymond Pettibon lives and works in Hermosa Beach, California. He recently had a solo show at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York and is slated for a retrospective at the Whitney Museum in late 2005. Mike Watt lives and works in San Pedro, California. His new solo album is fashioned as a “rock opera” entitled The Secondman’s Middle Stand, and is out now. Our recordings were a little spotty, but please bear with us as we join this conversation already in progress… continue reading "Mike Watt vs. Raymond Pettibon"

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