Matt Krefting

Matt Krefting interview

Before I ever met Matt Krefting, I found him to be an intriguing dude, especially his choice in haircuts. One trip down to Brooklyn, he’d be sportin’ some sorta butcher baby bowl cut that would make Moe Howard cringe and the next week I’d take a trip up to Northern Massachusetts to see him at some such gathering or another donning a quaff that would make Paul Mitchell shriek in purple envy. ‘Hmm…what makes this dudes’ sheers tick?’ I pondered from across the room while others weaved to and fro from the man. After that, I got to know him as a member of the barely there drone trio Son of Earth as well as the bass player for the shambling and defunct Glam Rock unit, The Believers. When I finally got to talk to the guy, I found him to be more than a haircut. He’s a genuinely swell cat with a sharp musical knowledge and a ferocious appetite for whiskey and wine.

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