Jahiliyya Fields- Pleasure Sentence (L.I.E.S)

Out of the ever-expanding L.I.E.S roster, Jahiliyya Fields remains the label’s most enigmatic presence. The work of producer Matt Morandi, Jahiliiyya Fields was the first full-length release on one of the most talked about new labels, the project of special importance to label boss Ron Morelli. Last year’s head-spinning Unicursal Hexagram, is a sprawling headphone record of alien synth melodies and textures. DJ’s expecting house beats were perplexed but the true weirdos found plenty to explore. Jahiliyya Fields’s follow up E.P. Pleasure Sentence seems aimed at the dance floor more than its predecessor yet still teems with unexpected heady delights. The record begins with the thumping “Aeon Anon” a track that pulses with a four on the floor beat while electronics firework around the rising foundations and hi-hats meter out the time. Morandi is constantly flipping and tweaking his sounds, every measure bringing in new elements and ideas, the effect at times dizzying, yet constantly rewarding.  The flipside starts with a modular synthesizer patch over UFO transmissions, recalling the terrain explored on his debut. The records final salvo, “Pleasure Sentence” is perhaps the records finest moment, with a galloping beat and a strange melodic overture of warped, psychedelic electronics. Jahiliyya Fields is making head music for the body, a task that is far more difficult than catering to either alone. Worth seeking out for cosmic-minded apexes.

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Professor Genius

Picture a marketplace in 13th century Persia. A couple of young travelers meet an old beggar who offers to tell them an amazing tale in exchange for a place to rest. They accept and take him to their rooms. He ends up recounting his youth: how he was recruited by the Assassins, how he ended up in their garden of earthly delights in a total drugged haze, how he met Hassan Sabbah and how they took down powerful figures before the Assassins were brought down. The beggar barely escaped with his life and went into hiding. After his story is done and the two travelers pick their jaws up off the floor they all retire. The next morning they’re all found dead with writing on the wall in blood: “No One Speaks”. This is the first scene to the album Hassan by Professor Genius.

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