RRR 1000

The bar has been set again by Ron Lessard, the great schemer of noise and contemporary art hero, with the release of the RRR 1000 lock groove LP. 20 artists create 50 loops each, all 1.8 seconds in duration that repeat infinitely until the listener manually moves the needle – in essence a perfect skip.  For any sane human being the concept is utterly masochistic and unfathomable. But for those with a sound complex, the various results and approaches can be both daunting and rewarding.  To what degree and duration does a lock groove reveal its merits or personality? Approached from a minimalist standpoint, one could easily site precedent of Lamonte Young, John Cage or even Andy Warhol, as artists who used extreme time expansion as a means to create hypnosis and reveal the character of a sound or image over a period of hours, days and beyond. One could make the argument that it would take 1000 days to fully get the effect of this record, or maybe more.

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