Half Baked

Jimmy Campbell – Son of Anastasia CD; Half Baked CD; Jimmy Campbells Album CD (Esoteric)

It was in some Midwestern record store many moons ago that I came across a copy of Jimmy Campbell’s second record, ‘Half Baked’. It was an intriguing specimen to me for a few reasons. Firstly, it was on Vertigo, the label responsible for releasing everything from Sabbath to Patto to Cressida to that old splooge guzzler, Rod Stewart. The label rarely steered me wrong in my dork ball collector days of wanting every slice of vinyl made by any British dude who wore a pair of overalls. Also, the proprietor of the dump slapped a sticker on it comparing it to Roy Harper, which gave it some potential, but I think the thing that really made me walk out with the thing under my arm that day was the cover; a twisted full color photo of a forest setting with two clowns of the opposite sex in the center. The male stared at the female despondently while she looked off blankly towards the camera. She is clearly pregnant and has very dirty stockings on. I twisted the scenario plastered on the cover over and over in my head on the ride back to New Jersey. When I got home and put the thing on the turntable, I was even more confused. Did this guy want to be John Lennon? Dylan? Bolan? Nick Drake? The tracks seemed to jump from style to style seamlessly. Who the hell was this Jimmy Campbell? I needed to find out.

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