Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Coum Transmissions – Sugarmorphoses (Dais)

By now, this release being the third installment of Dais’ archival issues of the early work of Genesis P Orridge, we have all come to understand that the records have less to do with music than historical context. We’re not going to get “Hamburger Lady” or anything even resembling “TG” in its glorified form in the least. Instead we have harsh abstraction and poetics of chance. What exists on this LP are recordings culled from domestic, detuned piano layers while living in a filth-ridden, frozen 1700’s era Victorian hell-hole in Hull, England during 1974. Having dragged two pianos into her kitchen Gen, in true Coum fashion, translated everything to a dystopian, dada landscape of post-industrial Britain. Practical uses for playing this LP include; a soundtrack to daily banality in an absurdist sense, faking an art installation, or testing the patience of unwanted droppers by. There is no focus required, other than the reading of Genesis’ always enthralling personal accounts of her life and times, presented with each of these LPs. She describes the recordings as her “Blues” album and that’s an association that comes from atmosphere and not of bars, notes or songs, more in the Jandek sense than the Muddy Waters. You can fairly guess what it sounds like given the instrumentation but that by no means devalues its worth, with the appropriate adjustments…which require an indeterminate amount of psychic/chemical realignment. That’s up to the individual. Once attuned, Sugarmorphoses can yield rewards once you shut off your lights and turn on your dream machines (You all have several, we’re sure) and thank god you don’t live in Hull or anywhere else in England for that matter.

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Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Thee Early Worm – Early Worm (Dais)

Early Worm is a transfixing lo-fi recording of the first to tape experiments by Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV figurehead Genesis P-Orridge.  Recorded in his parents attic in 1968 in suburban England, P-Orridge and his group of local teenage freaks, weaned on a steady diet of Burroughs/Gysin cut ups, ESP records and emerging psychedelia, married their absurdity and dada to whatever they could find. The results, interestingly enough, are far more acoustic-based than one would imagine from a founding father of industrial music. Often times the melodies and detuned melodies are reminiscent of Jandek but tweaked using homemade solutions like paperclips and tape feedback. The general feel is akin to far outside loners and goes beyond the feel of what would come later but shows the personality of an individual. One gets the impression of being a fly on the wall during these live single take experiments. Originally pressed as a single copy acetate back in the day, the original master reels were found by Dias label founder Ryan Gelik and is presented here on LP to the curious public for the first time. Most interestingly bizarre is P-Orridge’s father’s harmonica performance on the track “Lament”. Seems as though askew ran in the blood. While certainly not the most coherent statement Early Worm is an interesting recording of bizarre, tribal, home-made weirdness despite whoever is involved.

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