Fluxion- Vibrant Forms- (Type)

Techno music in the 1990s was largely an anonymous pursuit. Producers generally shielded themselves from humanity with abstract names and bland non-imagery. For every superstar electronic icon like Aphex Twin and Plastikman, (two artists with a brilliantly inherent sense of marketing) there were thousands of grey, faceless 12”s with no indication of an artist behind it, as if produced and manufactured by machine alone. But while the artists generally were obscured, the record label became the star, representing a distinct signature sound. At the time labels like Mo Wax were exploring breaks and trip-hop, and Metalheadz represented jungle music, Chain Reaction, was among Europe’s premier underground labels of the 90s, specializing in a dub infused IDM that was hypnotically minimal and entrancing in its rhythms. Twenty years down the road, Fluxion, a premier member of the Chain Reaction crew, is having his work collected and reissued. As future music from the past, Fluxion has aged exceptionally well. Decades later, the music still exudes a pulse that still resonates with contemporary sounds. Rather than the grey, stark imagery of the original editions, Type has housed these discs in a warm abstract colorful cover image. Suddenly the title takes on new meaning, and though relatively anonymous and grey, the music itself seems vibrant, even in its repetitious nature.

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