Faust & Nurse With Wound – Disconnected (Dirter Promotions)

When you have cult figures from different generations collaborating it’s often either a battle of wills or a hesitancy that precludes any interesting results. Faust are best know for their early 70s masterpieces of cut up collages of music concrete and motorik kraut rock. Nurse With Wound are British Dadaist sound collage and drone practitioners that have steadily pumped out albums since their inception in 1978 led by the enigmatic Stephen Stapleton. The success of this collaboration lies in the somewhat expected sound. Neither group compromise their innate strengths and their aesthetics naturally complement each other. Faust provides the rhythms and NWW break out the samplers and wind chime dark ambiance. In essence both groups provide their signatures without stepping on anyone’s toes. I can’t say that I keep up to date with every move of these two projects but this set is extremely pleasing in that it delivers on its logical promise. A nice late period entry from both groups that makes the title a welcome misnomer.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 2/16/2010 in Reviews | Tags: , , , ,