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Tor Lundvall- Structures and Solitudes- 5xCD box (Dais)

R-5045114-1383138702-4329Dais Records continues their missionary journey into documenting the music of Tor Lundvall, one of the most unique and mysterious figures in ambient music. Transcending genre, Lundvall’s soundtracks of ethereal atmosphere capture a ghostly meditative property unlike any other. After 2011’s four disc Seasons Unfold, Lundvall and Dais bring us another massive round of haunted dreamscapes in this five disc set, spanning material from the last decade of his work, including his most recent album of compositions, the otherwise unreleased Night Studies. Without a trace of redundancy, these five discs present a further dive into the cobalt blue waters of Lundvall’s transcendental musings. At the root of Lundvall’s music is a resonating echo of naturalism as interpreted through electronically altered sounds. This approach may seem paradoxical yet the results are hypnotically transfixing. As a true outsider, Lundvall exists in deep isolation, the music untouched by outside influence. Lundvall’s view of the world is filled with en ever-expanding textual palate. Over the course of these five discs, his consistency and vision remains unmatched. continue reading "Tor Lundvall- Structures and Solitudes- 5xCD box (Dais)"

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