Donovon Quinn

New Bums- Voices in a Rented Room- (Drag City)

large_NewBums_VoicesInARentedRoomThis record of hangover songs from Six Organs of Admittance’s Ben Chasny and Donovon Quinn is a pleasant listen albeit tossed off and rough around the edges. Fitting for a Sunday afternoon slowly nursing beers, the New Bums offer above average guitar playing to the Nikki Sudden/Jacobites dynamics of the pairing. Like Chasny’s other recent duo project 200 Years, the New Bums sounds like the sketches of several good ideas hastily thrown together and executed quickly. Lyrically, Chasny could use some editing on tracks like “It’s the Way” as lines like “Sit down by the creek/ I’ll tell you what you seek” aren’t doing anyone any favors. While inviting and generally predictable in structure, there’s urgency missing that is at the heart of the best Six Organs records. The New Bums sound far too comfortable on this ramshackle debut, neither structured nor loose enough to leave enough of an impression. The best moments are when the duo let the strings do the talking, as their interplay is complementary and at times, lovely. It’s a fine listen and there are certainly worse ways to spend an hour, but if this writer had to choose only 10 Chasny-related records, Voices In A Rented Room would not be among them. Generally, I’m a fan of most Chasny-executed projects. Last year’s four-piece rock band version of Six Organs was perhaps the best live band I had seen that year, watching Chasny playing electric was joyously invigorating. This diversion however, veers off to less exciting terrain.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 2/20/2014 in Reviews | Tags: , , , ,