Cold Cave interview

Last year, I went to see a screening of ‘Breaking Glass’, a film made in the U.K. in the early eighties that examined the fictional rise and fall of a female vocalist from punk rock nobody to new wave uber star. I initially saw the film in a weird act of coincidence when I was nine or ten and turned on the TV on a Saturday morning around 5 a.m. As an impressionable and anglophilic child, the sight of National Front skinheads, posters for Siouxsie and the Banshees gigs and general U.K. coolness blew my tiny little mind. As years went by, I would always reference the movie in my head from the grainy memories I had of watching it that fateful morn. I would sometimes wonder who the film was based on. Sometimes I would think it was a veiled, gender-changed-to-protect-the-innocent account of Jimmy Pursey, famed vocalist for what some consider the first true British punk band, Sham 69. It built up a legendary status in my mind and pretty much nowhere else. When I saw it last year, the elation of seeing it again faded quickly and I felt embarrassed I thought something of it; even as a child. Not only was the flick completely cornball in this day and time, but the print was lousy and the only person in the theatre was an older woman who sat directly in front of us and smelled like an old washcloth. In this case, the memory was certainly better than the actual artifact. It’s not like I’m going to jump out a window in an upset state or anything, but I would be twenty something dollars richer if me and my lady never went. It was that day I decided to sorta stop trying to catch the invisible rabbit and go on with the present.

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