Born Bad Records

Various Artists- Paink- French Punk Anthems 1977-1982 (Born Bad Records)

There’s been a reasonable amount of French New Wave reissues and whatnot but there’s been precious little in terms of punk rock. Born Bad Records seeks to rectify the problem with this perfectly enjoyable compilation of vintage French punk. Sonically there’s a solid mix of dynamics, from hyper Johnny Thunders riffs (Strychnine’s Ex bx”) to more crusty chugs (Electrochoc “Chaise Electrique”) but the middle ground leans toward melodic, sing-a-long’s over very familiar punk structures. Soggy’s “Waiting for the War” could sit nicely on a mixtape next to the Effigies or whatnot. Ruth Elyeri’s “Mescalito” is the highlight, a triumphant femme-fronted squelcher that’s worth playing at a house party when its time to trash the place. One needs to be able to read French to crack the liner notes so the stories behind these bands remains a mystery here. While not introducing any major revelations, those Francophiles seeking black leather and spikes can find plenty to huff a clove to while wearing pancake makeup on this slab of fuzz.

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