Ali Wells

Various Artists- Feral Grind (Submit)

CS513802-01A-BIGAli Wells has been operating at the forefront of innovative techno for years under the moniker Perc, both as a DJ and as labelrunner of the renowned Perc Trax. Recently, Wells has established the Perc Trax imprint Submit to document the more esoteric sounds being created on the furthest fringes of techno, where drone and harsh noise take as much precedence as anything vaguely resembling a beat. Submit’s latest, the Feral Grind comp, has been curated by Wells alongside music journalist Justin Farrar, and is as good a place as any to dive into the seedy muck of this virtual nightclub where techno, drone, noise and power electronics hold equal ground. Feral Grind is a perfectly curated, varied but consistent selection of tracks by mostly little known producers toiling diligently at the forward guard of sonic exploration. Wells and Farrar have arranged this compilation to work almost as a continuous whole, as field recordings and static washes (Housefire) fade into undulating synth bass (Prostitutes), only then to fall away into clanging metallic percussion and skittering DIY electronics and back into heavily distorted, vaguely melodic keyboards and beats (Pete Swanson), like a dance music transmission heard through several layers of concrete. Feral Grind is a hallucinogen cocktail disguised as a party drug, a one-way ticket free fall into a subterranean industrial nightclub that exists only in a late-night Euro trash horror movie. – Daniel Vandenberg

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