Gluebag- Confused (Framework)

tumblr_inline_n16cvvd5X51r6qvywIt takes a healthy amount of swagger to litter ones debut album cover with a collage of rock icons (Beatles, Velvets, Neil etc). Gluebag however, pull it off with ease. Somewhere in the woods of Western MA, this trio of psyched out weirdo’s are thrashing out the kind of heavy guitar psych that feels straight out the back of a late 80s Forced Exposure catalog. A violent, improvised thrash of songs, minimal in their structure, with free-form, sky-opening guitar freak outs that truly reaches other planes worthy of PSF. Lo-fi in aesthetic the music filters channels a 70s proto-punk filter, not entirely dissimilar to Simply Saucer/Hawkwind in its raw and urgent sound. One can feel the lysergic sweat dripping off the wood paneled basement of caged boredom. Confused is an auspicious debut of full-throttle, extended psych rock and the world is a better place for it. Here’s hoping for much more huffing in the future from these freaks.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 3/10/2014 in Reviews | Tags: ,