Zachary Cale – Blue Rider (All Hands Electric, Electric Ragtime)

 Zachary Cale- Blue RiderThere’s something about Zachary Cale’s sweetly melancholy songs, an ease that suggest familiarity. As a guitarist and singer, Cale’s penchant for melodicism and complexity lends itself to his straightforward approach. The warmth of Blue Rider, reveals an intimacy that feels natural when so much modern songwriting seems contrived. Adorned by lap-steel, bass, drums and synthesizer, Cale’s lovelorn Americana echoes with only the slightest hints of psychedelia around the edges, a relaxing, easy listen with plenty of compelling details. The centerpiece is Cale’s fingerpicked acoustic guitar playing, which displays an emotive and lyrical voice which match the subtle atmospherics of his inflections. With remarkable consistency, every song blends together creating a mood piece that unravels over the course of these eight tracks. Cale exhibits some soul-searching on tracks like “Noise of Welcome” where he sings “Let us not of the time that we have stolen/but rather the moments we claim to be golden” in the songs refrain. Elsewhere such as on “Blood Rushes On” he muses over the ideas of love and relationships. Regardless of subject matter he delivers his material with a calm resolve. Perfect for winter listening, Blue Rider is among the most refreshingly sincere and direct records that I’ve had the pleasure of spinning on my turntable as it represents a musician hitting his stride.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 11/25/2013 in Reviews | Tags: , ,