FFH – Make Them Understand (Hospital Productions)

Even devotees can be forgiven for not hearing FFH’s debut album Make Them Understand. The project grew slowly over years of cassette releases, each with a menacing sincerity that caught the attention of noise listeners whose tastes ran toward the harsher end of the power electronics spectrum. Released in an edition of 114 copies, Make Them Understand’s audience is intentionally limited to those who actively seek it, in a genre that strives to remain insular. Dealing with the extremes of the human condition and delivered with a severe industrial noise approach FFH is a closed door. The clear, commanding vocals laid over repetitive electronics make for a stunningly open approach. The album opens like a shockwave, like being pinned up against a wall, the claustrophobic sounds creating a nightmare of anxiety and pathological psychology. The album’s highlight “Nevada Light” is chilling in its images of true crime.  There is nothing redeemable about FFH, a project steeped in misery. But if you are among the 114 or so, you need to hear it, as it’s the purest release of the year. True hate.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 10/31/2013 in Reviews | Tags: ,