Andy Ortmann – Provocative Electronics (Pan)

Ortmann, who documented his particular fetishes most famously in Panicsville, now gives us his answer to an academic record in Provocative Electronics. Here Ortmann shows his electronic prowess in a more stripped down environment. As usual his process and editing are specific yet at times there is definitely a mad scientist vibe as Ortmannn mixes his potions and laughs nefariously. In this sense its successful due to both its composition and personality. There are elements of sci-fi sounds, computer records, minimal electronics and micro edits, almost like a latex covered version of the BBC stereophonic workshop. One thing Provocative Electronics is not is a noise album, rather it seems like Ortmanns take on various soundtrack fields or even as his take on Subotnik’s Silver Apples of the Moon. The sounds are diverse and Ortmann usually keeps it moving, although the beginning of side-B is drawn out too far for my taste, In any case, it’s a compelling listen and sounds fantastic for all you audiophiles. It should be mentioned that the phenomenal packaging supplied by the Pan label adds to the effect. Check it out for yourselves.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 3/18/2009 in Reviews | Tags: , , , ,