Nothing People – Anonymous (S.S. Records)

“The Radio’s dead… but the song’s in my head,” sing Nothing People on their debut album. While I don’t know much about the group that lyric provides a signifier which we can use to decipher where this comes from. The above referenced lyric gives the impression that the radio was once alive. If its true that the Nothing People were weaned on radio transmissions they must have been listening to a helluva station. One that played the Cramps, Chrome, Television and various other 70s/80s rock sleaze. Its all here, great songs, serious guitar riffage, effected vocals that still retain some human presence, even actual lyrics. There are some similarities to other contempo rock scuzz like the Daily Void and labelmates like His Electro Blue Voice, but where those bands have some promising singles, Nothing People deliver an honest to god “classic” rock album. The new wave influences are tolerably mild while the band chug as if performing some brilliant dive basement show in nowhere America. Maybe that’s why this record is so amazing, the whole “Blank Generation” in what feels like the middle of a cultural vacuum. This is not cosmopolitan music but rather outsiders looking in. Easily this is the best rock and roll album of the year. Don’t be a dope.

by STEVE LOWENTHAL on 9/29/2008 in Reviews | Tags: , ,